3 ways to gain clarity and move forward when you feel stuck.

Have you ever felt confused or unsure about which decision to make? Have you ever felt that you just can’t decide on which path is the right path, as you have so many passions and things that you love doing? Have you just felt that you just have this feeling of being stuck and unable to move ahead?  Are you somebody who has many different interests and many options of career paths? So which path do you choose?  You may be bombarded on social media about ways to make money online, and how this one course could change your life. And this can add to your confusion and indecision. You may have several different goals and dreams, and just don’t know where to start. So, you actually don’t start, or maybe you do make a start and your patience runs out as your not seeing the immediate results.

How do you decide which path to focus on? How do you make a decision when there are multiple choices ahead of you? How do you decide which goal to focus on at any given time?

How do you move forward when you have financial pressures? You may need to look for some extra work to get you back on track- or to look at your financial commitments and possibly cutting down for now on some money drainers.

The truth is we can always go in multiple directions, but most of us are afraid of making the wrong decisions, so we often can become stuck at this part and not make any progress and this can lead to uncertainty and drifting. I have been here, and I know exactly how this feels- so I have had to become my own Life coach and give the advice to myself that I would give to my best friend. It’s been really challenging at times. I have felt like I would take some leaps forward, only to run out of patience, or to feel challenged and burdened by outside pressures. I now believe I have a really good formula for navigating this uncertainty.

I am going to share my own experience of navigating this uncertainty, so that you can move forward and not get overwhelmed and make no decision.  When you are confused, it is the worst time to make decision. So first you will take some time to get clear. Even if this part takes you 3 months, as long as you are putting time and effort daily into your goals and dreams-then you are moving forward and the clarity will come as long as you are open to receiving guidance in different ways.

Here are 3 ways to navigate uncertainty and move forward:

  1. The bigger picture- Focusing on this helps so much. You may have lots of little goals- whatever they may be, and then you may also be working towards that dream vocation- this is the big goal( it may not be big and lofty- it may just be that you want to help others, or have complete peace in your life, so that you can be your best self) whatever it is- write it out, and then, write out all you other smaller goals- for example health goals, and training you might want to do, or goals for say your online business. Write out your different options and get clear about these goals and options. This is vital. For example, you may have several different goals and ideas and paths that you could take.  Are some of them ideas for income to get you closer to your goal? And are there other ideas that are more related to your dream vocation?  Write about why you want to do this………… (fill in the blanks).  Will this benefit you and others? Is this something that is needed in your community and society?  What would you need to invest to get this started? Do you need some extra training? Have you got the money to invest in this training?  Just remember that even though you may have many options ahead of you.
  2. What helps you and what hinders you? Write out a list of all the things you feel are making you stuck right now- get clear about them, from financial to other stresses, time wasters energy drainers and inner blockages, like doubt, fear etc.

Now you will need to create a simple plan to clear these blockages, from the main ones such as finances major stresses that drain your energy, then to the more subtle ones like mind set. These seemingly subtle forces are actually the ones that can hold you back the most- the good news is there are so many free mindset tools out there now. Just choose one. Spend some time maybe 3 days having a listen to different ones, and which ones really speak to you. A good place to start for all things relating to Mindset is ‘Joseph Rodrigues’ on You Tube*. (*fair market usage). You will need to be listening to this kind of vlogs or sleep meditations, solfeggio healing frequencies (432hz or 528hz, every day for at least 21 days. I have just found a really good manifestation meditation on ‘You Tube’ that I am listening to last thing before sleep. Then first thing in the morning I am listening to inspirational stuff, like either the ones I have mentioned above or Benjamin Hardy is another really good one for strategies and plans when working towards your goals. Healthy mindset and mastery over these inner blockages are key when working towards your goals. Once you have carved out time for these, and this could be as little as 10 mins in morning, and 10 mins last thing before sleep- then you can work towards releasing and cutting out other blockages. If finances are a problem and are keeping you stuck then commit to applying for at least 3 jobs per day, and ask around every time you’re out of the house. You will without a doubt find work if you stay focused on it. Remember for now it doesn’t have to be the perfect job-you will be creating that down the line. Just get clear on what you need to clear to move forward- usually it only takes 2-3 small changes to make big leaps in the long run. Be determined and persistent and without a doubt you will achieve your goals.

  1. 3. Now comes the real test- of patience and faith. Stay open for guidance and signs- if you ask-they will come in a multitude of ways. But you must be patient, and be conscious of the signs and synchronicities. I often get very clear downloads of guidance when I’m driving, or just after I’ve come home from the beach, when I wake up after asking for guidance; it’s like I just have an inner knowing. It could come through a song, a conversation-there are so many ways to receive guidance, once we ask the right questions.  There are also so many ways of asking for guidance- you can ask for clarity to come in your dreams just before you sleep, ask your higher self to bring you guidance to your specific question, it’s quite amazing how it works, but it really does. Also, you can meditate on certain decisions in the morning, and ask for guidance and signs to come throughout the day aswell. You can ask while you’re out in nature, and think about certain decisions-while asking nature to give you signs. And your intuition will guide you as to what these signs from nature are trying to tell you. Be open and keep asking for guidance-it will amaze you!

Sometimes the more choices we have, the harder it can be to make decisions- we may have so many choices- Be grateful for that it’s a gift. Keep a bird’s eye view on the bigger overarching theme of your life- and then be prepared to make some mistakes- these are the paths to success. Don’t get too hung up on the destination. Enjoy the journey! And remember that every decision will in some way bring you towards your goals- so there are no wrong choices- just go for it. X