If you had all of the money and time in the world, what would you do? What would you want to get up and do every day?

This is the key to your purpose and path in life. Most people leave school and enter into the world of finding work, places to live, college courses with information and skills that for the most part is of little to zero use in the real world. How much of what you have learned in the last 12 years is going to be useful to you?

We are not taught about money, how to stay free of debt and save, or how to invest. We are not taught anything about politics or how the government is run. We are not taught about the law, and our fundamental rights.  And we are not taught about the power of our thoughts, or manifestation, and finding purpose and passion is not spoken about or encouraged. Most of us get out into the world ad immediately get into debt to get a car on the road, or a college loan. We then end up being chained to a job we have no interest in- and we forget all about doing the things we really love.

We then spend most of our lives trying to figure it out. But what if money were no option?  Imagine the freedom and time to do exactly what you loved and really wanted to get up for every day. We are meant to be doing this, it’s just we’ve been programmed away from doing what we love, so that we can be enslaved with debts, loans and working for peanuts in jobs we hate! Unless you’re the lucky one that falls into a job you love that pays well with an amazing boss.

You may think, well how can I earn money doing what I love?  Think of others that are doing this and find out. Think not about the money, just know that as you share you will be gifted in many different ways; like new opportunities, people that can mentor, guide or support you, inspiration-many gifts will come into your life.  When you follow the path of what you really truly love doing, everything falls into place. Even if to start out, you just stay focused on doing that thing that brings you joy and passion, what do you love learning or reading about?  Find small ways at first, any way to include it into your days, and allow it to grow and serve your highest self-the very essence of your soul. You will find that doors start to open, you will notice little synchronicities and you will start to vibrate at a higher frequency. You will have an inner glow about you that others will be drawn to.

You earn a living doing what you love by turning it into something that can help others, something that is of use, something that makes the community or the planet better.

It’s not about money, it’s about inner wealth, and being supported in doing what you love by somehow helping others. Wealth and abundance are not just about money, they are about frequency and vibration, they are a feeling, that you get from doing and being what you Love. You shine bright when you do this, and others around you are inspired by this. It opens up new doors, introduces you to new opportunities and people that can illuminate your path. Pay special attention to the new people that come into your life. Can you offer something to help them? Or maybe they can help you-it works both ways-you always have something to offer, even by listening and being curious about others. Finding purpose is not about material wealth although that can be important. It’s about how you want to feel, how do you want your life to be? It’s a feeling of flow and knowing that you have something to offer.

You would do it, even if you never got paid for it, because you love it. So, find ways of doing it anyway, it will feed your soul with joy and connect you to your true nature.

You wake in the morning, and feel a sense of excitement for the day ahead- what would that day look like. Who would you be seeing? what would you be doing for the day? What does a really good day look like for you? What are you achieving and who surrounds you?

Now- Write it out, in every single detail, in every area of your life- from your relationships to health, to Love and finance, purpose and passions, everything you can think of. Start each paragraph or area of life with ‘I am so grateful for…………’, Feel the things you write and imagine them, embody them. Read this every single morning- very first thing, as you wake-keep it next to your bed, read it out loud preferably, as if you are speaking it to the universe-

You are!! You are sending this out to the Universe, and do this for the next 30 days! Try it and see what happens over the next 6 months.

Happy manifesting. x