Do Civil Rights include everyone-or just a chosen few? Who do the ‘Vulnerable in society include and what does protecting them mean?

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.”

-Frederick Douglass

I hear there’s an event taking place in Wexford about ‘Civil Rights- in memory and honor of Frederick Douglass- the great man who freed himself from slavery, and went onto become a famous author and orator about Human Rights and slavery.

I feel hugely inspired by people like Frederick Douglass- he transformed a seemingly desperate and horrific life situation of slavery and oppression into ‘Alchemy’ by learning to read and educating himself and others, and then later sharing his story and freeing himself-not only physically, but by changing and mastering his Mindset to overcome his suffering and adversity. He came to Ireland to speak in 1845.  ‘The Arts Centre’ here in Wexford was where he first came to speak.

I’m looking forward to the event. I go online and search for the event to purchase my tickets -I put in all of my usual details, and then I am guided to a new page that instructs me of the new ‘government guidelines’ for the event-it tells me I have to produce a ‘Covid Certificate’ for the event- and my heart SINKS.

I click ‘Cancel’ on yet another event that I cannot participate in. This seems so unfair- I am young and healthy.

I do not feel comfortable speaking openly about my personal medical background. This is the right we all have to Privacy. Yet it feels like this ‘right’ is also now being stripped away. However, as I write this piece, I feel it’s right to share some of my personal story to give you a better understanding of my choices. I will first shed a little light on my choice-  and then I will discuss my mental health challenges- as I know so many out there and especially in Wexford are really suffering with their Mental Health.

I have chosen for my own good reasons to not take something which is on trial. I cannot call it a Vaccine- as it simply is not a Vaccine -as it does not stop you from getting Covid or passing it on. For me, it is simple- taking something that is on trial with toxic ingredients like Graphene Oxide, Spike Proteins, Heavy metals, aborted Fetus, to name a few is playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with my life. And after researching both the ‘Yellow card scheme’ and the ‘Open VAERS’ reports which give under- reported numbers and figures- the numbers still speak for themselves- and the deaths and injuries continue to rise.

It seems insane that we are being firstly encouraged- but more recently blackmailed and manipulated into taking this injection- Why?

My daughter, who has chosen for her own reasons not to take this ‘Experimental trial Injection’- is now left out in the cold- as her friends can all sit indoors and attend concerts, etc. She is just 24 and supposed to be off travelling and having fun on nights out with her friends. On the CDC (Centre for disease Control) website, it says that young people, up to age 30, have a 99.99% survival rate with Covid- in fact most people do- no matter the age-unless you are immune compromised, and have other health complications, the survival rate is pretty much 96- 99%. These are off official Government websites.

I don’t need to go into details about my beliefs-but I will briefly say that things just weren’t adding up from the very start. It didn’t take much to start connecting the dots, and seeing the bigger picture-the censoring, the silencing, the smearing, the ridiculing, the name-calling, the bullying, the nonsensical rules and regulations, the ridiculous science that makes no sense, the false positives, the empty hospital beds, the cover-ups, and the money-wow the money!!!!…. Hospitals receiving thousands for each positive case, and then blocking life-saving safe and effective treatments-like Ivermectin. This information is coming from Multiple sources-whistleblowers, doctors and nurses from all over the world-who have nothing to gain-but everything to lose for speaking the truth.

The false positive from the PCR tests- and the video that circulated widely from the very designer of the test- Kary Mullis stating that, ‘This test should never be used to detect Virus’. Yet we are still using this same testing method as a means to justify yet another lockdown, which will inevitably crash our already fragile economy, and crush our Mental health-which has always been the ‘Real Crisis’. This is psychological warfare and inhumane. Follow the money and it all starts to add up. Is any of this really necessary-when you look at the facts-the death rates min previous years were higher- this also comes from official sources. There is no pandemic.

No matter what, we all want the most basic fundamental rights in life- ‘The Right to freedom of choice’, ‘the right to privacy’, ‘The right to earn a living’, ‘the right to question things’ and have open debates, the ‘right to connection with friends and family, and ‘the right to a good life.’ As long as we cause no loss, harm, or injury to another, then these Rights were and are always ‘OURS’- they are a ‘given’ they come from the ‘Creator’- of which we are ALL a part of and is within us. Segregation and separation are not normal- loneliness and isolation cause depression.

My Mental Health has been challenged for some time- even going back before the whole ‘lockdown’. I have PTSD and often experience panic attacks, social anxiety, chronic ADRENAL fatigue, etc.

Thank God I’m well on the road to recovery- however, I have found that over the last almost two years I have been triggered and re-traumatized often.

I was just starting to get my life on track and after completing my Holistic Life Coaching and meditation course. I was building up my wellbeing classes in schools and Communities- things were going really well.

Then came the lockdown and – ‘3 weeks to flatten the curve’ and all of that.  I knew this was going to be going on for at least a few years.

Fast forward to now- almost two years after initial lockdown- and schools are no longer taking outside classes- it’s all so different now, and the restrictions and guidelines are making it almost impossible to move forward with my classes.

Never 0ne to sit idle- I think of a back-up plan.  As an Artist I always would have fallen back on some waitressing or bar work, when needed, but now- I can no longer apply to most places without producing my proof of vaccination and with a medical exemption from wearing a mask, there is no way that I could wear a mask for 8 hours a day.

Plus, there is talk of another lockdown, that is imminent- so there will be no chance of finding extra work in the hospitality sector. This is causing me huge stress and financial burden. I find I am struggling to sleep for the last few months, and my anxiety and stress levels are often very difficult to manage. I am worried for my friends and family that have taken the injection. I respect their decision but I am scared, I do not want to see people that I Love suffering. I know many healing tools and techniques, and it’s not like I can’t usually manage my emotions- some days are harder than others.  Some days I just feel tired of it all and mentally exhausted. I have been suicidal, but would never ever put my family through that, and I want to live. I want to share my gifts with the world. I want to travel and visit all of the places I have dreamed of. I want to contribute to society and help people of all ages with their well-being, especially young people.

It’s almost impossible to plan anything. I feel so angry and sad for the young people- not only are they indebted with all the austerity, everything is so difficult for them, from getting a car on the road, to finding work- but they are now told that they are responsible for spreading a virus no more dangerous than a Common Flu. They are now also shut out in the cold, for choosing not to take an experimental drug.  They are not allowed to attend College graduations, or sit in the college canteen, or attend concerts, and festivals, unless they produce a ‘Covid Certificate’- this is disturbing and very sad. I can’t help but feel a parallel between Nazi Germany and these times. Where Hitler had the support of the masses- in the end they became the dictators in society and communities and did his ‘dirty work’ for him.

‘Protecting the Vulnerable’ and ‘Keeping people safe’ have become reasons to justify the most inhumane and cruel way of operating our society. My elderly neighbor, was so lonely- despite us doing our best to call into her during the lockdown, she literally went mad. Her family were all in the UK, and she went from being a strong healthy woman, to being hospitalized and then heavily medicated and isolated in an Elderly care facility. We all know that loneliness and isolation kills.

The lockdown seems to be doing nothing to stop these so-called cases, and so isn’t it time we learned to live with Covid? – As we have learned to live with many diseases, and to learn to build natural immunity, as our immune systems are so perfectly designed to do. Can we afford another financial collapse? Can we allow to keep turning a blind eye on Mental health and suicides? This is the real crisis we face-yet it is almost being completely ignored.

Isn’t it time we started allowing healthy debates on our media channels, so that people can hear both sides of the story? Isn’t it time we start to focus on our mental health crisis, and how we can build resilience and healing back to our communities?

I am deeply saddened that ‘The Arts Centre’ here in Wexford, who always prides itself on inclusivity, equality- and was always a voice for Artists and the ‘Underdogs of society’-for want of a better word- is now enforcing this discrimination. This was also the very first place that the great man himself Frederick Douglass spoke at.

I find it unbelievable that they are now participating in this segregation and division. Of course, they will respond with; ‘We are just doing what is required as per government requirements. But it is still participating in segregation and discrimination- there’s no escaping from that truth. All it takes is businesses to start to question this insanity, and stand up to the Powers that be- as some brave business owners are now starting to do.

We all want to live a healthy, happy and decent life.  It’s time we stood up and demanded these rights- to let us Live. This new society is not normal- it is depressing, it is tyrannical, it is cruel, it is anything but safe- as we are now being forced into government reliance, as many of us lose our business and jobs- where does it all end?

Who do these ‘Civil Rights extend to? Is it a chosen few? Is it all members of the community? Am I missing something or does inclusivity include everyone- or just a chosen few? What would the great man himself Frederick Douglass think of this?

Luckily, I am resilient and optimistic, as much as the challenges are real, I will not let it defeat me, and I know in my heart that justice will come eventually. I also know that there is a higher purpose to all of this and there are many ‘Silver Linings’. I am finding my tribe and connecting with many new people. I am finding my voice and truth.

Finally, I’ll finish with another quote from Frederick Douglass-

“Where Justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any class is made feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither person nor property will be safe.”