Could Trauma be the gateway or portal into a ‘Spiritual Awakening’?

I recently listened to an online event- ‘Trauma & Awakening’, and one of the key speakers, Gabor Mate, spoke about how trauma is often the gateway or portal to a Spiritual Awakening. This is certainly True for me and so many other Coaches, Shamans and healers that I listen to.  How is it possible that …

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When to draw the line

… with toxic family patterns, mental health disorders and abusive behavior Have you ever suffered abuse or Trauma from a close relative or family member with mental health conditions? Only to be told, either by other family members, relatives, friends or sometimes even therapists and counsellors- that they are ‘Not well’ and that their behavior …

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Victim No More

There’s only two ways to live your life- Empowered or disempowered! Your outer life is a reflection of your inner thoughts. Your subconscious mind-the hidden aspects below the surface, actually make up more than 90% of our being (think of an ice-burg below the surface of what we see). We often are not even aware …

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