Are you facing challenges with your mental health or overcoming a traumatic period in your life?


I offer tools and remedies to help overcome this. I work with energy as a form of healing and teach Qi Gong as well as E.F.T Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique) combined with E.M.D.R. therapy


I live on the beach in the South East of Ireland, with my cat – Felix, our French bull-dog- Pepper, and my daughter Sophie. We love to cook nice food, do yoga and Qi Gong, dance and find at least one funny thing each day to laugh at. The beach is my source of inspiration as well as my ‘Happy place’. It instantly de-stresses me and I especially love to walk barefoot connecting with the sand beneath my feet, no matter the weather.

Each morning, my daughter and I like to have our philosophical chats over a cup of coffee and put right all the wrongs in the world before we face our day. I like reading about lots of subjects, but am particularly interested in Taoism philosophy, mind body healing, and real life stories. I often read children’s stories and fables – ‘The Little Prince’ being one of my favourites. I enjoy painting, particularly mandalas and watercolours, as well as illustrating, and am currently working on a series of children’s books with healing messages relating to the planet and animals.

I am a Holistic Life Coach, a meditation teacher, an artist and Qi Gong instructor. I have also started my studies in Astrology, and am currently practising and building experience offering ‘Moon readings’, which give incredible and accurate insight into your feelings and emotions and exactly what you need in order to find happiness in your life and your relationships. You will learn about your Life’s path, your challenges and how to overcome them and how to master your emotions.

I am also developing plans to offer well-being & creativity workshops and retreats both here in Ireland and overseas.
Through my own challenges of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I have learned many different healing techniques and self-development tools. I have spent thousands of hours and euros researching and trying out different methods and have now developed a Roadmap that is completely personalised for my clients, including E.F.T therapy, which works on almost any issue, from fears to pain, to deeper issues also, as well as Energy Healing and Mindfulness-based Stress release. We are all different, and what works for me, may be different for you, so every clients journey is unique and specifically tailored.

I was only joking to my daughter, that I’ll still be studying and training in my 80’s. I just love learning, and am currently also about to train in Qi~ssage (an energy massage that works through specific meridian acupressure points to move stagnant energy and increase vitality) and also Qi-Gong healing for animals.

I look forward to connecting. x