How often do we say, ‘I will be happy when I …….’ (Fill in the blanks). Yet everything that we need is already within us, because we all have the power of our thoughts. It is being talked about more and more now about the power of our minds to create our own reality. If you have been on the self-development path for some time, you will have learned that it’s our way of thinking that creates our reality;  ‘what we think about we create’, or-‘we get what we give’, or ‘As a man thinketh so is he’- a quote from ‘Think and grow Rich’ by Napolean Hill.

If you have a strong burning desire to achieve some goal or dream in life, that desire is coming from your higher self, or what they call the superconscious. Yet for some reason we may remain stuck or not manifesting what we really want. This simply means that our higher self and our current identity are not in alignment and so what we need to do is to come into full alignment with that higher self. The difference between our highest self and who we currently identify with is nothing more than the way we think and our beliefs. And we will know what we are thinking and what we believe when we take an honest look at our current reality.

Our current reality is a mirror and you can use this mirror as a feedback tool. Do not make the mistake of getting caught up in stories or self-shame, but simply realise that your current thinking is not in alignment with your true self, and you can then become aware of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and start to change them and ‘Pull the weeds’. Just remember that your current level of thinking has been programmed by many things outside of yourself; your parents, your education (which destroys imagination!), and cultures in society. It may seem impossible to change these beliefs that you have had for your whole life, but it is not impossible at all. It can be done and has been done many, many times by many people by using willpower and discipline. What I am learning is that there is a process to this.

  • We must first build an awareness- by looking at everything in our current reality; our relationship with ourself, our relationships with others, our relationship to money, our relationship to our purpose in life and doing what we love. Everything in our lives is a relationship. Here is an empowering question to ask yourself; What causes us to derail from our vision or burning desire? This is always revealed through our outer world.  Look at your relationships- Are these relationships in harmony? We must first make peace with our past before we can start our new story or chapter. This is the awareness that kickstarts this process and journaling is the tool to help build this awareness. Write a list of all of the relationships in your life- as mentioned above. Write about how they are right now, and how they have been in the past, and how you would like them to be. It may be useful to look at these situations and to learn the lessons from them; and more importantly to ask yourself how would your higher-self have acted in these situations? What would you do differently now from this new perspective?

Then you must take note of what you have learned and forgive yourself for not acting in alignment, but more likely acting from a wounded part of yourself; and release these situations with love and self-forgiveness. Now that you have built an awareness you have learned the valuable lesson from these mistakes and you are ready to create new more loving and aligned story for yourself. Remember to not get stuck in shame and guilt, but instead to realise that you were acting on faulty beliefs but now you have all of the tools to fix this and create a new reality. Notice What energy you are putting out. Remember that if it is not in congruence with the dreams or goals you have to create a better life, then all you need to realise is that there is still some work to do within to bring the true self into harmony with your current identity.

  • We must build willpower and discipline- they say it takes 21 days to build a new habit, and to really make it concrete- 100 days. So, if you have been on the journey of self-development and tried for example to use affirmations and meditation and maybe even tried manifesting from your current state, only to stumble upon some challenges- which always show up to test us. You may then loose confidence and faith in the process, because you have not made the new way of thinking a habit and your subconscious mind which controls our whole reality is still not fully in alignment with your higher self. This simply means that you have more work to do to clear these faulty beliefs and build your faith in the process. This process is evidence based and if you don’t believe me then look up on You tube the thousands of videos of people that have used this method to create the life that they truly want based on the way that they think, to create their reality. It works like clockwork if you follow the methods. If you stay focused on this with absolute certainty you will without any doubt master yourself, and therefore master your reality. You will be in the ‘Flow state’, in complete alignment with your true self, your intuition and your emotions and environment. So, this is what you must hold onto to build your inner faith. Know with certainty that you have the ability to control your thoughts and emotions and align with what you truly want, because this is your birthright, and the way to do it is through discipline. So, if you soak up this truth every day, by listening to as many people as possible who talk about this truth, of controlling your thoughts and manifestation then it will start to become a part of you and your reality and your faith will begin to build. This faith will be followed by synchronicities and signs from the universe that you are on the right track and this is your feedback that it is working and this will build your faith. As your faith begins to build, then so too will your confidence in this absolute truth that our thinking does control our reality, and if we want to change our reality, we must change our thinking and our beliefs; so, pay special attention to your beliefs and with absolute certainty work towards changing and releasing anything that holds you back from manifesting your deepest desires.
  • We must have a detachment to the outcome- if you are forcing or rushing in any way then you are not in the flow. Whereas if you can build the inner faith based on the essence of how you want to feel in your life and what you would love to be doing, how you would love to feel in your relationships, then you have an inner knowing; an absolute faith in the process of mastering your mind, and whatever shows up to derail you can be fixed and course corrected. With your new awareness and specifically your journaling process to help build and stay focused on that awareness, then it is with absolute certainty that you will achieve the burning desire that you want to create- let that resonate and know that to be true by absolute law and proof. This is how thousands are manifesting their own reality-these people have had the same fears and obstacles as we ourselves have; after hearing their stories, they too have suffered adversity and setbacks, some of them have even overcome severe poverty and homelessness, but they learned the power of their mind and beliefs. They learned that it is possible to change their reality based on what they think and believe. Have you ever read the book by Viktor Frankel- ‘Mans searching for meaning?’ this true story is about a man who was in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, and he realizes that he cannot control the horrific situation that he finds himself in, but what he can control is the way that he thinks and his thoughts. He ends up being one of the few survivors of these camps and goes onto write his book about his experiences which becomes an international bestseller. He learned in that horrific and traumatizing situation to go within and master the only thing he could control at that time-his thoughts. He understood and had absolute faith that what could never be taken away from him was his power to think and control his thoughts- nobody could ever take ‘THIS POWER’ from him ever. He changed the course of his life all by the way that he thinks.

It is said that the mind can be both our best friend and our worst enemy. We can either master our mind and learn to control it, or be controlled by it. You must be certain of which path you will choose. Do you want to create your reality? Or be controlled by your reality and faulty thinking? The decision is yours and the path to change course is within you already, but it starts with a knowing and a decision that you can do this- as so many others have proven the process. Don’t be too rigid, but have a clear vision of the essence and feelings and relationships that you want to have. Do what you Love and what will be useful to society and you will without a doubt make abundance from it. Build your self-respect, continue to release anything that is not in alignment. And remember that you are here with a specific purpose that comes from the deepest parts of your higher self, the goal then is to keep moving towards that, and eliminate anything that blocks you. Yes, it does take work. Yes, it does take commitment. Yes, it does take faith and discipline, but it has been scientifically proven to work, once you know from within that you are in control of your thoughts, your reality and your vision, nobody can ever take that away from you- ever.

So many people are now learning the Power of their mind- so can you, with 100% certainty- you just need to set your mind on it, and have faith that just like it has worked for many others, so too can it work for you.