Follow my journey of Recovery, Healing & Self Discovery … and how I got in touch with my own Inner Venus

My intention is to offer hope, insights and tools that can help you with your own challenges, so you don’t have to feel alone.

Sharing my story has played a vital role in my own healing journey and the wisdom and transformation that came with it.

Watch this space for my services and offerings….

I want to share how I am learning to Recover & Heal after trauma and mental health challenges. I am discovering who I truly am beneath the layers. I have learned how to Transform and Alchemise suffering into Empowerment and Strength.

My intention is to share my own healing journey and the tools that have transformed my own suffering into inner strength and self-expression.

I believe expression is the anti-dote to depression and by sharing my own story, I am both expressing my own truth, and helping others.

Healing is possible alone, but it’s incredibly difficult and could take years longer than it should: it doesn’t need to be like that. Throughout my own journey, listening to other people who had gone through similar challenges became my ‘Lifeline’, and now, I feel blessed to be able to share some of my journey with you, in the hope it will offer hope, guidance and inspiration.

I will share the ups and downs of living with Mental Health challenges, and the ways it affects all aspects of life, from your relationships, to career, to finances, personality, spiritual health, emotional health and of course physical health.

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